Wednesday, August 09, 2006


After waiting a slightly absurd amount of time to be called, I was told today I did not get into Gypsy at the Old Opera House, and neither did my niece. This is more than a little surprising on more than one front...but here is not the place to discuss that. I currently do not know whatmy next theatre endeavor will be. When I do know, it will of course be posted here.

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Susan Abraham said...

Dear Ty,
You are such a whizz with your knowledge on theatre. Your well laid-out thoughts from experience and research, so cleverly analysed.
I'll be keeping fingers crossed, for your next starring role.
Which I feel will come to you shortly.
Be well!
Came over from 'Unpolished Jade'. I was interested in reading something on philosophy today and stumbled on this expert. She's got your blog url on a very selected list of 'interesting blogs.' and this is a very clever woman.