Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tumbleweed Blues...

Yes, loyal blog readers, activity has slowed down a bit here at Always Off Book. It happens from time to time. But I wanted to check in with everyone this week, regardless.

To begin with, I am in no particular theatre related project at present. (Which explains in part my slow blogging week.) The Old Opera House had its final auditions of the year earlier this week, which I opted out of, having never had the time to pick up a copy of the script and read it, as I am wont to do before auditioning for something.

There are a few other theatres around the area which I will research in the coming days, to see if they are producing anything that peaks my interest.

I also have discovered a theatre dedicated totally to new authors. One every other month or so, they have a staged reading of a one act play that has been chosen from many submissions to them. Sort of like a year round New Voice Play Festival.

Their recently hacked website indicates that they are often looking for new actors to participate in said readings. Seeing as how I have always had fun at the NVPF at the Opera House, I thought looking into doing readings elsewhere would be worth my while. So I will be contacting this little place in the semi-near future, just to see what is next on their agenda. Even if nothing is coming up, maybe they have a mailing list or something. Naturally I will keep all of you posted.

In addition, I am in the very early stages of a rather massive project that I will be spear heading. It involves acting, but I will not be acting myself, in all likelihood. However, it is not a theatrical endeavor. I am at odds as to whether or not it would be appropriate to blog about that experience as time goes on, here on my stage acting blog. What do you think? Does it belong here, or not?

It is a long term project, at any rate. I have plenty off time to make a decision on including those adventures here on the blog.

So that is where things stand now. The advice column every other Saturday will continue, even during this slightly subdued time, so fear not.


Susan Abraham said...

Hello Ty,
All I can say as a 'blog reader' is that you are such a clever, articulate person that I come to your blog, willing to hear introspective reflections on any aspect of your life and not necessarily the theatre.
I am curious now about your massive project and I suppose I thoroughly enjoy reading your writings. Whatever you choose to talk about like a film review or once, when it was about stereotyped comic actors turning to dramatic roles.
Ty, you do really well whatever you choose to write on.

Amin said...

Ty, you've left me curious too about the 'massive project'. Having dangled the bait you can't now leave us high and dry.

I also love the idea of a theatre that puts on plays from submissions - how very encouraging. So often it's the tried and tested that gets produced. Makes you wonder how anything new ever gets a chance.