Thursday, September 27, 2007

Le Venue

Today we had a rehearsal in the actual place we will be performing...a small chapel to a local (for most of the cast) Episcopal Church. A nice, clean, simple, but small little space. But you take what you can get when you are starting your own theatre company.

They say it should seat about 50 people, with the set and everything erected. An intimate performance space, for certain. So intimate, in fact, that once we are back stage, we can't go anywhere until the entire production is over. The bathrooms are in another building, and actors would be seen if they left the performance venue.

A slight inconvenience, but nothing worth flipping out about.

Unfortunately, today we had two people missing. One from each show we were going over today. So neither show had a full compliment.

Nonetheless, we did get some work done. And the director is surprised with how much improvement have come with "Philip Glass" already. That will be a nightmare to memorize, as I have indicated before, but even with scripts in our hands, moving around while giving the lines give them some extra punch.

We even discussed the possibility of having some of our lines delivered from the audience. (That is to say, while walking through/sitting in the audience space.) No final word on that yet, but there are so many bizarro things that could be done with this script.

Plus it is the finally to the entire night, so it has to have that sort of extra shine to it.

Overall, still a lot of work to be done. But I have some things smoothing out for me, schedule wise, and I should be able to devote more intense time to studying the script. Both of them, actually.

Those of us in "Philip Glass" agreed to meet again on Sunday. So we will have some extra time to work on that one this week. We need it, and I am willing. I will have to check my schedule, but I should be fine.

Short update, I know, but it puts all of you loyal blog readers up to speed for right now. Everything marches on...


Muzak Box said...

One of the venues I work in is a thrust stage where the stage is on the same level as the first row of seats. And those seats are about 3 feet from the edge of the space. They get lit and they are eye level which is can be quite disconcerting. I think the biggest thing I learned from that venue was increased focus and concentration.

Are you filming your productions? I would be very interested to see the Glass piece.

Ty Unglebower said...

I am not sure if we are filming it or not. I never thought to ask. My guess would be no, but I cannot be certain.

suzanabrams said...

Hi Ty,
You have had your share share of interesting adventure with theatre this year, you must admit. :-)
How super to read that you're performing again.
As usual, I have to start reading downwards but as always, I will