Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sad News

I of course shall not divulge any names here, but the fact is that one of the members of the production I am currently in, has died.

I met him just once, when we both attended a play to support the same mutual friend. That was only a few months ago, and though I had heard of him before that, he struck me as a highly interesting individual.

Indeed, he was fairly well known in the local theatre circles. He was a professor of drama, actor, director and playwright. (Published.) I had looked forward to working with him, even though he was not in the two plays I will be appearing in.

How strange it all is. I got an email from my director just minutes ago. Before that, the most recent email the director sent, (which I still have) was a forward...which naturally included the departed man's email address on the forward list.

That may seem like "who cares" to many, but it really hits it home. How fresh and recent his involvement in this show was. And now, he is in fact, dead.

No word on the future of the production itself, and that is by no means important at all right now anyway. What matters is that peace be with his family, friends, and all the people who had the privilege, unlike myself, to know him better, and to work with him.

Here's to him...

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