Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rehearsal and a Website

First things first. I have been given permission to advertise the theatre company's brand new website here on my blog. So, I give you the Full Circle Theatre Company!

As I mentioned a while back, this is a brand new theatre company that was formed by some colleagues of mine in the local community theatre network. All in the Timing will be it's debut production. So whatever else happens in my theatre career, I can say with some pride that I was part of a theatre company's inaugural show.

If any of you reading this lives in or near Shepherdstown, West Virginia, do come see the show. It will be a zany evening, to say the least. Tell your friends.

And to that end, we had practice for Philip Glass today.

Most of the time was spent simply doing little segments of the script over and over, in an attempt to get rhythms down and lines memorized. Some bits and pieces are there, but I still have a lot of work to do in that regard. And with the other play, plus the tour script, I have certainly been following Olivier's advice to always keep one's mind in shape through memorizing something each day.

There was not much blocking worked out today. As I have said innumerable time here on the blog, and as just about any actor can tell you, blocking really doesn't come into its own until you are off book, and the script is out of your hand. I confess to being somewhat nervous about this one, given how unusual it is. But I rise to the challenge every time, and I have no reason to believe I will not this time. It's very different.

Also, one of our cast members was not here today. She has been incommunicado for a few days, it would seem. No word on whether or not she is coming back at all. Hopefully, she will be.

No word yet on Beauty and the Beast.

And that, loyal blog readers, is my short update for today.

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suzan abrams said...

Congratulations Ty.
What a great way to close the year & it's still only October.
You really must compile all these posts. :-)
By the way, the theatre company's site looks vibrant and happily busy.