Sunday, October 28, 2007

Matinees, The World Over...

Are mostly the same. The crowd was an ok size today, but their reactions were minimal. They laughed at places, as most crowds do, but they were quite dead. Coming off of last night's crowd, a bit of a let down. But as I said, a matinée is a matinée.Half thetime when people asked me how a show I am in went on any given Sunday, my answer is actually, "It was a matinée."

On the whole, I hate them, as you who read this blog know. Not really sure what the point of them is.

That aside, there seemed to be even fewer mistakes tonight. Though there was a small bump or two in Philip Glass, I am more than happy with how it went. Considered how complicated it is, and how few times we have gone over it, it's just this side of amazing that we do as well as we do with it.

All the other plays were the same story...a but lower on energy than lastnight, but with few mistakes, as far as I could tell. Afterwards we had to strike the set, as the building will be in use between weekends. That is a pain, and will be a pain to put together again Saturday evening, (The first chance we will have to do it.) But it was not as time consuming as I thought.

And in many ways the prep time and extra work paid off. We got all the windows covered in black plastic, and it was virtually night time in there when we had the lights off. Always a good thing, when you can keep the much hated sunlight out during a matinee...

We are now counting on good word of mouth for next weekend. I am doing my part by once again mentioning it here, to any of you who may live nearby.

That's all for now. Not much really to report. But tell your friends!~

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Suzan Abrams said...

Oh Ty. I know you don't like matinees but I do love going to them. Makes for a delightful afternoon.
Have fun. :-)