Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cinema Mode, and 300th Post!

An interesting topic to address with this, my 300th post on Always Off Book. My latest audition. For a movie!

I mentioned this a few weeks ago. Some local indy filmmakers will be shooting a science fiction movie in October, and were holding a casting call today at a local community college. It was at 9:00AM, and I opted to go today, because I thought there would be fewer people competing for attention that early in the morning.

I seem to have been correct, as I was the only one there. (Though I have no idea how heavy turn out was for their previous three audition dates, and I didn't ask.)

By their own admission, they did not have many sides for people to read for an audition. But what they did have was interesting to say the least.

The plot is still hazy, but I did gather it involved an elite fight force of some kind, who are framed for a crime they did not commit. It also involves interplanetary intrigue, and a recently installed evil dictator.

I read for one of the members of said fighting force, and for the evil leader. I had fun with this read. I read him pretty straight at first, which they liked, but they then had another suggestion for a way to read him. They told me they were thinking of having him be quasi-inept in his role as leader. An almost comical role for the film. The one director pointed towards Mel Brooks' President Screwb from Spaceballs as a reference. While I of course didn't impersonate Brooks, that did give me a great sense of what they were thinking about. So I read it again comically.

They seemed to enjoy my read, and said they would call me in the future. (I am not sure when, they do not start filming until October.)

I have to say, I have never read any script quite like it before. The notion of playing the (perhaps) over the top sci-fi villain is quite intriguing. Particularly if there is a chance for some light comedy. It was, at any rate, fun to read for the part, and I told them so when I left.

And the whole experience was genuinely fun. They seemed quite pleased to have me show up this morning.

A few hours after I got home, I had an email from one of the directors. Last night I had sent them an email with my head shot, as I had no way to print one in so little time. (I tried.) The acknowledged receipt of same, and mentioned that they "enjoyed" my reading this morning. So, perhaps that is a good sign.

It depends of course on how many other people tried out, what they offered, and what they are looking for, as with any project. But, there are 10 speaking roles for males, as well as a crowd scene at some point, requiring walk ons. While I assume nothing, I feel cautiously optimistic that with those odds, and with them having enjoyed my read, I would be able to secure at least one of the walk on parts. No guarantees of course, and I am aware of that. Still, some good signs, I feel.

If I do get into this thing, it will no doubt be a very different acting experience from the norm for me, for a number of reasons. One big reason I tried out for it...the potential for variety.

As soon as I hear anything, I will of course report it here on the blog.

I am also pondering trying out for this year's "New Voice Play Festival" in a couple of weeks at the Old Opera House. I have been in the last 4, and always enjoy myself. I feel they may not have as much room for young men roles this year, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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