Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have the whole monologue from Fishing committing to memory now. Just at the stage where I have to ease out the rough edges, but I know that it's in there.

The audition I may be going to on Friday says they will let you cold read from something, but also says that having both a comic and a dramatic monologue prepared would not be a bad idea either. As for the dramatic one, if I keep running it over and over, I feel I can use it for Friday, if I go. I doubt I will be able to pull a comic one together by then, though, what with everything else I have going on. I could pound it into my head...but a monologue should, in my view, drip slowly into one's mind...filling it more deliberatley, but also in a more careful manner, so that it is not only retained, but assimilated into one's subconscious. I feel I am well on my way to that status now with the Robbie monologue, but would not have much time to do that for one more.

So maybe the kind folks in Winchester will approve of a little cold reading from someone that has ONE monologue prepared. (Or should I say, one genre, as I also have several Shakespearean dramatic speeches firmly stored in my distracted globe.)

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