Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Greeting, loyal blog readers. I am still around, and up to some things, in a way.

To begin with, for the first time in five years, I will not be participating in the Old Opera House's New Voice Play Festival. This saddens me, but the had a theme this years it seems, of choosing plays that focused on teenagers, and focused on older people. Ergo, there were no parts for me. Though I could play an older person, community theatres tend to shy away from letting people do that, preferring, I find, to cast people of the actual age. So I did not try out.

I have, however, been looking around for new venues at which to attend theatre, and to audition for it. Theatres I have heard of, but have never been to. One such place is in Winchester, Virginia. Called simply, the "Winchester Little Theatre".

I recently requested to join their mailing list. Just today I got an announcement for their next audition...the put on a new play festival in, get this, 24 hours. Auditions, script writing, rehearsing, and putting on the play all within 24 hours. How hectic and nuts that would be, but also exciting. I am pondering auditioning for same...if I got in, what a wild way to be introduced to a new company. And if I did not get in, at least I would get to see the place.

These auditions double foe a talent pool they are trying to establish for a reader's theatre that they do periodically. (Those who read this blog realize that I have done reader's theatre several times in other places.) So that might be a fun way to ease into a different company.

The place will be quite a commute for me..about 40 miles. But, you cannot make omelets without breaking eggs, right? (I know, the cliche' doesn't apply exactly. But it almost fits.)

I am also working on a monologue. Several, actually, from my new contemporary stage monologues books. (Though not as contemporary as I thought at first...the collection is 25 years old.) But speeches are speeches, and I have enjoyed the exposure to new pieces. I feel a sense of freedom and creativity as I work on committed this first one to memory. I have never read the play, but the more I go over the monologue, the more I feel it might make for an interesting character.

If I get one with it, I may use it for a dramatic monologue for the previously mentioned audition. We will see.

As always, check back here for updates on all things theatrical from the world of Ty.

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