Sunday, November 02, 2008

Big Old Saturday

Quite a long day at the theatre on Saturday.

As for actual rehearsing, it went well enough. I went through the blocking for my scenes as the Ghost of Christmas Past. The director suggested, and I concurred, that the character be a very gentle, nearly effeminate entity. A stark contrast to the bombast of Christmas Present, or the foreboding mystique of Christmas Yet to Come.

To that end, I am working on an accent that is gentle, but with the appropriate authority. Plus an accent of course. I think I have nearly perfected it. I have used the idea of an elderly British school teacher as a base, and have been working from there. It seems to fit in well. I am comfortable with it.

I will have to learn to pretend to play a violin, while an actual musician plays one from somewhere. What would that be called, violin-syncing?

I am also about 85% off book for act one. A good solid place to be.

The next four hours or so after the rather average rehearsal, was spent demolishing. Literally. Those who could spare the time tour down walls and old lights, and such, to begin the process of converting the venue into a theatre. Quite a bit of exhausting work, no doubt. Though it all happened faster than I thought it would...two whole pillars were stripped of drywall and wood paneling, some overhang walls totally demolished, and ceiling tiles and lights all gone...within as I said four hours or so. At that rate, if we have a few more work days, the space could be totally ready. This excites me. I have never been part of actually building a theatre before. As in literally helping to build it.

The place gets a lot of foot traffic, and more than a few people peeked their heads in to ask us what we were up to. That is good word of mouth for you.

Next rehearsal is on Wednesday evening. Post election. Whatever shall the mood be like then?

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