Thursday, November 20, 2008

First "Full" Run-Through

We skipped the last scene or two because we were running late. But we got all of the major parts in.

I can say that I am off book for half of act 2 now. By the weekend it will be a done deal, and I will be off book, basically, for the entire show. Not bad. Could have been better.

I can say that most of my cast mates are also mostly off book. And despite a few confusing spots here and there in regards to blocking and the calling of lines, tonight was the smoothest the show has ever gone, I dare say. It can only get better form here.

Yes, the freedom of having books (usually) out of the hands. The emergence of nuance and the sudden ability to dedicate time and energies into details.

Details such as line readings, facial expressions, and, in the case of tonight, props.

Several props, (many provided by a local antique shop) were available for use today.

For Bob Cratchit I had what I call "fingerless gloves". And for Topper, the pipe.

I am glad the director let me go with that choice. It seems to suit him quite well, as I am playing the man, (Peter O'Toole and James Bond). That scene, in fact as I whole was quite fun to do this evening. (The party at Fred's in Christmas Present.)

My own personal energy was up, as it always is at this stage of development of a show. (Losing the book.) Already , as though a veil were lifted, new, deeper dimensions are emerging for each of my characters.

In other words, the truly fun part.

IN fact, I got what I consider very high praise for my version of the Undertaker today. The director said, something along the lines of, "it was like watching an actor I had never seen before". I assume that means I did not seem like myself, so removed from my own mannerisms did I get in the short but memorable scene. This is the highest of compliments. Oliver himself often said he took pleasure in being on stage for 5 or ten minutes before anyone recognized it was him. Now of course, everyone knew, and will know it's me up there, but the fact that I took on a persona that appeared to transform me into someone else means I am doing things right.

At least in that scene.

We shall run the whole show now, and each of the rehearsals. I think that we really have benefited from moving rehearsals to the chapel, as I mentioned. That consistent workspace, despite it's limitations, has done us good. I think I will look back on today as the day when everything started to fall together for the show.

I am getting more excited now.

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