Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prep for Tomorrow

Today I spent a great deal of time working on my monologue for the next meeting of the acting class. I feel prepared as much as I can be, given the short time, and the nature of the class.

I do feel off book for the speech, though given that I only just got off book today, I worry a little bit about being totally off book tomorrow. Though being off book so quickly is not the main concern for me right now. Most of my concerns involve the format of the class, and how my presentation will fit into same. (I have discussed those issues in the last several entries of the blog.) I have no reason to believe that it will be a disaster, I just happen to know that I sometimes am less productive when I am not permitted to go straight through something.

Yet the very fact that I have seen how it works in the class has fortified me against being taken off guard by the proceedings. I know what to expect by and large, and I prepared my monologue accordingly. Though not totally different from how I would otherwise prepare a piece, I have to say there were some significant mental differences in place as I went over it today. (And when I do so again tomorrow before class.)

Most of the difference has come in regards to depth. I have not really allowed myself to tailor my performance to the impressions of the character, and the moment, that I have in my head at this time, having read the play and the speech several times. Normally I am planting that mental seed within my mind right away, and everything I do from there on out springs forth from it. An inside-out approach. This class, it seems pretty clear to me, is based mostly on an outside-in approach, which is not my preference, as any loyal blog readers will know by now. But such is the task at hand, and I am not going to surrender in the face of the challenge.

As for more practical class issues, it looks like the Saturday meeting will not be taking place, so a make-up day, as of now, is still up in the air.

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