Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State of Class

I have not forgotten to write, blog readers. The class has been on hiatus for over a week. We will get back to it on Thursday. And when we do so, there will be a significant difference.

I will not be doing a scene with my now ex-scene partner.

I don't wish to dwell on personal issues here. It is not professional. Yet given that the turn of events is relevant to a subject of this blog, I mention at least the broad strokes here.

You may recall that I had expressed some concerns over the fact that I had not yet heard anything from my ex-partner in regards to rehearsing. Those concerns mounted, and when they were brought to said ex-partner's attention, much rudeness and name calling occurred. From that moment it became clear that myself and this individual could not possibly work together in any civilized manner. So, upon informing the leader of the class of this fact, I was told I could, instead of doing a scene, perform one of the monologues from the play that the Flynn character gives. (The play being, for those who you just tuning in, Doubt.). I accepted this fair offer, and though I have little time, I will be reviewing one of the monologues over the coming two days until class, making use of the exercises, as best I can, adapted to a single person.

I don't quit often, loyal blog readers. I am not especially proud of having to do so now. And indeed, I am very relieved I shall not have to leave the entire class. But so offensive was the way I was treated, and in such a one sided personal manner, that I would have had no choice but to do so had I been forced to continue working with the person in question. Thankfully, I have been given the chance to avoid that contingency. I still regret having to quit the scene itself, but given that I have the option to continue with the class, and that I have now given an explanation as to how/why my assignment has changed, I will dwell no more on this unpleasant personal incident.

So now, I must choose which of several sermons, (they are literally sermons, as Flynn is a priest) to use for my first assignment. One takes place before the unfolding action of the play. In fact, it opens the play. I think I find this moment most intriguing, and I will probably go with that piece. It will be a more pure examination of the character, because the status quo is still in tact.

So, more on that decision, and my process as the days/weeks go on. In a way I welcome this sudden change. Adapting the group exercises to a solo presentation will present a unique challenge.

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