Monday, March 29, 2010

Act One Rehearsal

Granted, it's rather short for a first act of a play, but we ran the whole thing twice today. As before the director is very pleased with our progress, feeling that we appear to be much further along than a third rehearsal would indicate.

The assistant director, who was present today for the first time (while I was there) concurred with this statement. I was also flattered by her compliments for my performance. In short, she is very pleased with the way I play "sliminess". She said something to the effect of how I give the impression of just sliming my way from one point to another during the scene. This is the second set of compliments I have gotten that specifically mentioned this trait, using the same adjectives. It is important to play the villains and the sleazes well, and I am quite satisfied to hear that so far i am doing so in this play. (Later the assistant director said I reminded her of the way Rob Lowe plays such characters. Not bad company.)

My first scene for act one is rather short, so I am essentially off book for it already. I had to check the page once or twice, but by the second time we ran the act tonight, it was pretty close to being in the bag. I have been going over that scene the most so far while at home, so it paid off. Even if it is just for a few lines in a short scene, being able to do anything off book always represents such a liberation; when the encumbrances of referring to the script directly are lifted and there is more creative elbow room.

Some sad news is that the actress who plays my love interest was not in today. Her husband suffered a heart attack last night. Thus far she has not quit the show, and if all continues to go well for him she, in theory, will be back soon. So we send good thoughts her way tonight.

In other news about the show, we are on the look out for many non-speaking extras for the first scene. Extras that will quite literally be walk on parts. Walking across the stage once, saying nothing, and then exiting via a flight of stairs. Extras won't even have to stay for curtain call. If you happen to live near Hagerstown, Maryland and are interested, drop me a comment here on the blog. Or you can Twitter me @TyUnglebower.

Next rehearsal is Thursday. First scene of act 2. That is what I will be studying in the mean time.

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