Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Russia, Theatre Goes to YOU!

That only made a little bit of sense, if any. I understand that. But you try coming up with a catchy title for a post dealing with a dark comedy based around the embalming of Vladimir Lenin's corpse.

No, it isn't something I made up. As this article states, it comes from the mind of Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen, and it is called, (little shock here), "Lenin's Embalmers".

Ever had a play that you just know you'd want to see based on the title alone? Ever heard just the briefest description of a play and just somehow sensed that you would make a good fit as a performer IN that play? Welcome to one such moment to me. I haven't read a word of the script, and it seems very unlikley that I would find myself at the Ensemble Studio Theatre to see it before it ends it's run. But it just sounds like something bizare I would both go see and be in. Perhaps in years to come the public will be able to perform it. I'll certainly know what to suggest to my local community theatres if that day ever comes.

The weird thing is, I have already played  Leon Trotsky in a dark comedy. ("Variations on the Death of Trotsky", by David Ives. I loved being in that. Maybe I have some sort of vibe for dark comedies centered around dead Soviets.

If anyone reading this has actually seen this play, I very much want to hear from you! Do drop me a comment or an email and tell me if it is delightfully weird as it sounds.

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