Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Directions

I received the first cast email from the director of "Heaven Can Wait". It gave some initial instructions about when we will meet for a read through (Monday) as well as a few house keeping items. So in that sense it was the first set of directions in this production.

It also included a cast list. I only recognized one name for certain from the night of auditions. (And was pleased to learn I was accurate in my guess for which part he would be assigned.) The rest of the names I can't yet put to a face.

This is uncommon for me. I haven't been in a show without at least one acquaintance in years.But this will be an even rarer occurrence; it will be a cast full of strangers in a venue I have never performed in. It's been about 7 years since that one happened.

But I welcome it. As fond as I am of many of my local actor friends, and as much as I love some of the venues, (in some cases I love the venue more than the people who run it), I am excited about the chance for so much newness. I think it can only add a little something extra to both my performance and the production as a whole.

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Dawn Herring said...

Hope all goes well with your new acting gig.
Thanks, Ty, for leaving a comment on my blog post Can You Hear the Laughter. It was refreshing to get a male perspective. Most of the comments are left by good friends who are female. So that was a pleasant surprise.
Checked out all three of your blogs!
Have a refreshing day!
Dawn Herring
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