Monday, June 14, 2010

Audition Announcement: Bard's Men

If you read this blog anytime last summer, you would have come across my adventures playing Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. The company was a new one, started by a friend of mine. It was called The Bard's Men.

This year, The Bard's Men are back, but with a bit of a format change. For one, we no longer have access to the venue we used last year. So we have become nomadic this summer. We will be traveling throughout the area to various venues. (I do not yet know which ones. Those plans are still being made.)

We will not be performing a play this year, but rather giving what I have been calling a Shakespearean Presentation. It consists of scenes and monologues from various different Shakespeare plays. Plus there will be some music, and some stagecraft demonstrations. The show is called;

Lovers, Fighters, and Undecided.

We want to have between 8 and ten cast members in all. A few are already in place. (Such as yours truly.) But more spaces need to be filled. And that is why we are having auditions. I hope to spread the word here, and hope than any loyal blog readers among you that may be local will also help to spread the word.

The auditions will be this Saturday, June 19th, from 4PM to 7PM. The location is "The Wall" in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It will be a cold read. I myself will be there helping out, so if that is in anyway an incentive to drop by, (though how scary would it be if it were) please do so.

We are also on the look out for any venues that may welcome us. Summer schools. Festivals. Community centers. Even somebody with a really big house that may be interested. We'll come. No charge, it's pay what you can.

You can also email the company with any specific questions you may have. The email is


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