Monday, June 21, 2010

Bard's Men: Progress Report

Saturday's auditions in Shepherdstown did not yield as large a pool as we had hoped. And a few people that had previously been interested have, for various reasons, had to back down. So things didn't go as smoothly as we might have hoped.

However, things are not at a total standstill either. It would seem, as of this moment, the cast has three women and two men. The preference was to have at least one more man. The search is on, (as far as I know) to fill that missing link. The script is flexible, however, so if needs be it can be adjusted to fit whoever we have in the final cast.

But if any men out there in the Shepherdstown, West Virginia area are interested in trying out for said slot, feel free to email the company at Or you can contact me here via a comment. Maybe you are in our future!

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