Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Auditions Ahead

The Full Circle Theater Company, (about whom I have written many times, having been in several of their shows) will be holding auditions for it's first show of the season, this coming Sunday and Tuesday. They have also announced the rest of their current season. Do go to their website and check it out, especially if you are local to the Shepherdstown, West Virginia area. It is an intriguing and eclectic season they have in store, with more than one play I am interested in.

In fact, the very first production I mentioned interests me a bit. It's "A Thurber Carnival". A collection of shorter plays based on the short stories of James Thurber. One of those ensemble pieces where each cast member will play many different roles throughout the evening. I have been in several such shows and enjoyed the experience. Given that, and the fact that I haven't appeared in a Full Circle production in about 18 months, it may just be time for me to head on over to Shepherdstown to audition. (Though I have never met the director before.)

Loyal blog readers will know that my summer theatre plans with the Bard's Men fell through, so I haven't been in anything since May. That's not too long of a stretch, but when you are geared up to be in a show, and then it doesn't happen, you feel as though it has been longer. Well, at least I am at the moment.

So I am mulling that over right now. I'll let everyone know what the final decision is.


Mackenzi Flannery said...

I've never been in a show where you've had to play several roles in an evening. Well, in beauty and the beast I was one of gaston's groupies and then a napkin... but i can't imagine what it would be like to have lines and such! what a change in one night!

Go for it - audition.

Ty Unglebower said...

It is a whole other thing, that is for sure. You have to give each character your full attention when you are on stage, but without the luxury of vanishing into them backstage, or throughout the evening, because you need to be able to come out of one and enter another!

I wouldn't want to do it for every single show, but some of my favorite acting experiences have involved doing this.