Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last night's rehearsal was productive for the play as a whole, but not especially so for me personally.

Everything of course needs to be rehearsed, but last night the only things I could rehearse were two skits for which I am the narrator with very few lines. One cast member has been out of town for the first two weeks of rehearsals basically. Another had to come in late, so we weren't able to run the skit in which she and I appear. And, to the best of my knowledge, there is still a role in the play that is yet to be cast. All of this happened to make me unable to go over most of my "significant" scenes, for lack of a better term.

Nonetheless, I am glad that the rehearsal got so much done for others last night. (Including running one of the skits for the very first time. It had just slipped through the cracks of everything else going on.)

I am also happy to report that at this point I am about 85-90% off book for this show. It's a different sort of thing because it is a series of skits, as opposed to one solid show. Nevertheless it is gratifying to have that out of the way for most of my lines. I am off book for the three "minor" skits I am in. Also, I am about 90% off book for one of my two larger roles. I am not at all offbook for my other larger role, and I have until tomorrow to be so. I am not sure that one is going to happen.

It's much easier for me to get off book for something when it has been rehearsed numerous times. But this larger role has only been rehearsed one time, and thus I have been unable to implant to lines into my head in the context of actually performing the skit. That's fine when you only have three lines ina  piece, but when you are the main character, it becomes a bit problematic for me. (Which is why I sometimes wonder how good I would be in the movie...)

But Wednesday will be what it will be. If I am not 100% off the book, I feel I will not be the only one who is in that predicament. That helps to ease my mind a bit.

As will having the whole cast back. It can't always be helped, but having someone away for basically the first two weeks of rehearsal is not an easy obstacle to overcome in some ways. Nor is still having a role empty. But by week's end, both of those difficulties are supposed to be solved.

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