Saturday, August 14, 2010

Joining "A Thurber Carnival"

Announcing my next stage appearance. On Tuesday, August 10th I went to the Full Circle Theater Company to audition for their season opener; A Thurber Carnival. I received word last night that I have been cast in the show.

The show consists of a collection of short sketches based on the cartoons and short stories of James Thurber, hence the title. Among the the 15 or so sketches are staged version of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "The Unicorn in the Garden" and "The Macbeth Murder Mystery". The show is book-ended by a joke driven dance number, reminiscent of Laugh-In.

The roles each of us is to play are, for the moment, subject to change as the director sorts out a few issues, but as of now I have been assigned 5 roles. One of them I read for at the audition. The other one I recognize from being read by others at the audition, and one I know from the title of the short story on which it is based. The others I am not certain about. I won't list them until the roles are solidified, but suffice to say it is without a doubt an ensemble piece, with no one person being a lead, and everyone popping in and out of the show throughout the evening.

I seem to gravitate towards such shows, consciously or subconsciously. I have been in about half a dozen plays or so wherein I played more than one character, (though sometimes more for convenience sake as opposed to by design.) Nonetheless I have been in several plays that are specifically written to have actors play multiple roles. This one promises to be more unique still, given how quickly the various sketches come and go. It is that "rapid fire" role rotation that encouraged me to give this show a try. It no doubt will present it's own unique challenges.

The first read-through is tomorrow. (The 15th.) I'll know then with whom I am working, but judging by the auditions, nobody I know will be in it. One gentleman I was in a play with five years ago was at auditions, so he may be in the show. If so he will be the only person with whom I have worked, or even spoken before. (Though the producer is an old friend of mine.)

So check back here often as I once again regale my loyal blog reader with tales of bringing a play to life. 

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