Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Minute Audition

Loyal blog readers, I saved my normal Tuesday post for later in the evening, because, as luck would have it, a theatre oriented experience showed up today. And though I didn't find out about it until few days ago, I made a last minute decision to go back to the Full Circle Theater Company tonight and audition for Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

As I said, I didn't have much time to think about it, as I only got the notice in my email on Sunday. I knew that this play was on the schedule, but had not really thought much about trying out for it. I have other things going on with my time since Claudie Hukill ended back in February, (mostly my writing) and I wasn't sure if I had taken enough of a break from the theatre to dedicate to my other endeavors. But I decided that given there were at least 20 roles in this play, some of which are very small, I would throw my hat into the ring, just to keep the acting muscles sharp, and my face familiar in town. So I went in this evening.

I had only a cursory knowledge of the play. I had read or seen portions here and there over the years, and it has been the subject of many a conversation amongst fellow actors, but I had never read the whole script. It seemed a bit weird, which of course is the point for an absurdist dark comedy. As a Shakespearean derivative work, however it always held a certain interest, even though I hadn't picked up the script.

The audition itself went well for me. It was the second day of auditions. I think there were about nine or so people there. (Including someone with whom I do not get along at all, sadly.) The director explained that it is a difficult piece to have people read for, because so much of it is non-verbal, other than the two leads. I can see the difficulty in that. Given my age, I suppose, I only read for either Rosencrantz or Guildenstern at any given time, but that of course doesn't mean I will get either of or any role. It is just common sense that a director of this piece would have candidates read mostly as the two title characters. But there are in fact any number of parts that could be fun. In fact, the tiny version of Hamlet's role that appears in this play may be quite fun to play. Maybe I will get that one. I could finally say I played Hamlet.

Whatever happens, the director, (whom I know from my very first community theatre production), said that we should know something in about a week or so, because that is when she wants to start rehearsals. So perhaps by the next time I blog here, I will know. Or then again, if I know before next week, I will blog about it right away.

So stay tuned.

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Leon Ousby said...

I like it Ty... hope you get a part of either, either... great play, wonderful writer... sod those other actors you didn't get along with... who do they think they are.. bloody people.. you keep firing on all cylinders son... and give em hell on fire..

Leon Ousby