Wednesday, February 04, 2015

More is Less? (For this Blog Anyway.)

In some respects, a productive, satisfying rehearsal is bad for the blog here. It means I have fewer detailed considerations to share with you, my loyal blog readers. It is, however, a good "problem" to  have.

As I said, last nights rehearsal was solid. I can say that in the more passionate speeches I was able to produce more of an edge than I have been recently, without spilling over into melodramatics. Olivier always advised to always "leave something in the tank" during such moments. To not go 100% at any time, lest you risk appearing over the top, or exhausting yourself too early. In that regard, though I'm still tinkering with the dials, I feel I'm on solid ground.

Also going well are the blocking and the props. I still implement a partially improvised movement for much of the show, but more and more specific blocking has presented itself which adds to any given scene. From here on out, however, unless something major comes to mind, I will endeavor to keep the blocking consistent for most of the play. In these final few weeks, I think that's important.

The heating in the building continues to be a bit of an issue. These are cold rehearsals! However, though I'm never ignorant of the temperature, as I rehearse I do warm up, or otherwise become distracted from the chill. The only effect it has is on my voice; I think my throat is more tired at the end of an evening of rehearsing on chilly air than it otherwise would be. Yet I come home to have some tea, and things are right again.

Every week or so I post a video on the venue's Facebook page. Usually it's a brief mention of how things are proceeding or what I'm working on. This time, however, the video was a sample of the product. I delivered one of the speeches from the play. The speech from where I got the title. "The King is But a Man," from Henry V. I paid to boost the Facebook reach for that one. I have no idea if I did that correctly or not. I've never tried it before. Hopefully it will attract some interested patrons.

I was also put into contact with someone who expressed interest in making the posters for the show. I have not heard back from them as of today, but just in case I have made a rudimentary poster myself. I have no idea how to do such things, so it was all guess work. I don;t even know if a printer's shop could print the file as is. But I want to have a back up ready.

Also I heard from a friend of mine who might be able to secure a spot for me in some small, local venue where he lives, so I could perform it there one night in the future. Nothing definite yet though.

Yet that's what I hope for with this show; I hope to take it to other venues for a night or a weekend. Any venue that welcomes me, I'd pretty much be willing to visit and perform in as a guest. A between shows kind of thing. I could even perform this show with someone else's rudimentary set on stage if I had to. I designed it that way.

Exciting things are happening, though. I hope that people will come to see this, as I think they will be entertained. I've put much work into this over the last year, and entertaining others would be the pay off.

The current venue has set the price at $10.00. All proceeds go back to them. Give them a call or check out the link to their Facebook page above, and maybe you too can come see me!

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