Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick Update

Heat! That is to say the problems with the heating system at the venue I'm rehearsing on have been, for the time being, resolved. Thus last night was my first fully heated rehearsal for the show. It was much more comfortable, but believe it or not required some adjustment. It is of course far better to rehearse with heat than in the sort of cold I've rehearsed in so far, but one's breathing, and body temperature and such naturally change when the heater is on. So there were some energy and breathing issues to adjust to. Plus I may have sweat for the very first time last night while running the show. Not a lot, but it was there.

As to the rehearsal itself outside of the temperature, I can only say it continues to go well. There were still a few places I stumbled over that I attribute to fatigue. I've been reviewing those lines in the script, (and found that I had been saying one of them incorrectly, whoops), and will run them to myself at home, as needed between now and opening. Most if not all of the hitches should smooth out by then, I'd say.

I made some posters for the show. My own printer has no colored ink, so the ones I printed at home were in black and white. Not as eye catching, of course, but all of the information is there. I followed a simple template. As much as I'd like fancy posters, I've not gotten word from those who had said they could work on them for me. So I took matters into my own hands. (Not so odd for a one man show!) I may go into an Office Depot today and run off some color copies, and put some of them up somewhere.

A volunteer photographer may also come and take some pictures during rehearsal in the coming days.

Some friends of mine have been spreading the word about the show, as have some kind strangers via the Black Box Arts Center Facebook page. Between that and some posters going up, I hope to grab the attention of at least a handful of people each night who don't know me, who are willing to come.

Yet first things first. A few more rehearsals to go.

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