Saturday, January 14, 2006

"All Shook Up", Yet Not

No advice article this evening, my lovelies. It will return, as always next week.

Instead, allow me to tell you that a few hours ago I auditioned for the
Apollo Civic Theatre's annual talent show extravaganza. My performance piece was an old, but nonetheless fun rock and roll standby; "All Shook Up". ( simply performed it. I was not impersonating Elvis himself.)

The audition went quite well. There was only the slightest hint of my cold present. I could not hold one particular note as long as I wanted. Other than that, no signs of it.

I was told I had a good stage presence, and the two folks in charge seemed to enjoy my performance. It was all a very relaxed, easy going audition. No stuck-up types were anywhere to be seen. Add this to the fact that I did a song I have been very familiar with for a long time. The result, a fun audition where I was not the least bit nerve wracked.

There were not many other people there auditioning when I was there. I did come near the beginning of the session though. There is also another night of auditions. This coming Monday. They will then have call backs on Tuesday or Wednesday. They are not yet certain.

All and all, not bad for a guy who could not hold a note without hacking himself to death 5 days ago.

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