Friday, January 13, 2006

Health Status

Well, I got one suggestion for a remedy. Thank you, Playmaker.

I did not see the stuff Playmaker was referring to though. However, I did try a few other things. I also made an effort to rest a bit more. As a result, it would seem my singing voice is back to about 90% of normal range. That should be more than adequate for this particular audition for this particular venue.

My lung capacity is diminished at the moment. Like I said, however, it should be fine for this audition tomorrow. I will not be attempting opera or anything of that nature.

I have been going over the background music CD today, and practicing some with it.

People have said I should take professional voice lessons. Not because I sound bad. On the contrary, because I sound quite good, according to most. They feel that the lessons would only improve my voice. Another advantage some have mentioned, would be knowing how to care for my voice, when I got sick, and at all times.

Those points are valid, but I wonder if the time and expense of lessons would be worth it to me. I am so infrequently in musicals. Just another thing to ponder as I wait for the next show to come along.

One thing at a time, though. Tomorrow night, audition for the talent show at the Apollo Civic Theatre. I will blog about it after the fact.

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