Monday, January 30, 2006

Latest Audition

Earlier tonight I auditioned for Anything Goes at the Old Opera House. I was comfortable for the most part, given that I have worked with both the director, and the musical director previously. (Though I am still somewhat anxious about musical auditions. More on that in a moment.)

The audition was tripartite in nature. (That is the first time I have found a use for that word since high school, so bear with me.) The audition consisted of reading, then singing, and finally, learning a dance out on the stage. Allow me to elaborate on each of these.

I did not get a chance to read the script before I auditioned today. There were not enough copies. I prefer to read a whole script before I audition for a show I have never seen. However, thanks to some friends of mine, I learned a decent amount about the characters and plot of the show in the last week. With that knowledge in mind, I went in tonight, and read.

Honestly, I feel it was one of my better cold readings. I admit, I do not know if it really counts as a cold read if one knows the gist of the piece. However, as per Ty's definition of cold, cold it was. Usually I do not like cold readings. Yet I digress.

I mentioned, based on friend's advice, that my preferred part would be Moonface Martin. I did get to read some of his lines tonight. From what little I pieced together, he sounds like he would be fun to play. I also read a bit for one Evelyn, a British bore. I did my best Prince Charles impression, to give the appearance of stodginess. That was fun to do, whether or not I get cast.

A little bit later, the singing part of the audition. I chose "Master of the House" after all, despite getting the materials together to learn Razzle-Dazzle a few weeks ago. In the end, I found that the music I had was for the movie version, and the CD I had was the Original Broadway cast. Seeing as how I cannot read music, I was not sure what I might hear with the accompaniment. So I opted for the tried and true. Even then, I was a bit off. I do not know what it was. My voice was fine, but I think I screwed up the tempo in this one section. Once again I was not 100% sure what the music would be sounding like. This was true despite the fact I have used this same sheet music before. Yet all and all, I think I did well.

The whole thing underscored something my friend
Gaby told me last week. That I need to hurry up and learn sheet music, as it will make my life so much easier. No argument here. Yet I am in musicals so infrequently, I never think of it until a week or two before auditions. But I am resolved, (and Gaby if you are reading, take heed) to learn to more quickly read sheet music. If only to get an idea for what I would hear from a piano when auditioning.

Then, came the dance part. The only thing I can really say is this; for my own sake I am glad the choreographer stated up front that she was not looking for perfection, but rather "teachability". I would prefer to leave it at that.

So there you have it. I will know in a week or two if I am in the show. Here's hoping.


Kendra said...

My audition went pretty much the same way, except I read for Bonnie and Hope, not Moonie and Evelyn.
Are you sure it takes that long for him to cast? I hope I get a call soon, because after I audition for something, I am one impatient kid. The last few times I've auditioned at the OOH, I found out that I had a part by calling Steve about 2 days after my audition to pester him, lol...He doesn't seem to mind, but I've decided that's probably not the best way of doing things! =)
So it looks like I'm going to have to wait it out like everyone else...
If you want to see how my audition went, I posted on my blog, but don't feel obligated to read it...It's a pretty long post because I'm so anxious to get a part and I'm kind of rambling, as you can tell...
Your Impatient Friend-

Ty Unglebower said...

Thanks Kendra. I suppose all of the suspense will be over for both of us in a few days. =)