Friday, June 02, 2006

Current Project

Well, as for my latest project, the cast is set, and the parties are agreed. Given that, I thought it was about time I describe things in more detail. So, here are the basics.

The play I am to direct, (and perform in) is called "What Are Words Worth to a Long Fellow?" It was one of three entries that tied for third place at this year's New Voice Play Festival. (Check out the Old Opera House website for more information.)

As mentioned before, it is to be a dramatic reading, as opposed to a full fledged production.

It was written by one Carl L. Williams of Houston, Texas. I have not met the playwright, and at this time am not certain if he will be in attendance, though at this time I doubt it.

The play is a comedy with three characters. One is named Norris. (Played by myself in this production.) Norris is in his 20's and living off of a trust fund set up for him by his late aunt. He is an aspiring poet, and hence there is much wine, women and song in his life.

One such woman is a young college coed named Debbie. At the start of the play she was a "guest" of Norris.

The mood is spoiled when Phyllis, Norris' older sister arrives, intent on convincing the wayward Norris to find a job, and make something of his life, before the trust fund is depleted.

That is the show in a nutshell. I found the writing to be quick, concise, and witty. This is why I am glad to be directing this particular play. (Though I have not yet read the scripts from the other entries into this years festival.)

I have worked with both of the actresses I cast in this play before. At this time, I am not sure if that will add to, or take away from some of my initial nervousness about playing a part and directing the show. As it stands now, our first meeting as a cast is set for this coming Monday. I suppose I will find out then. I will certainly let you, loyal blog readers, in on how I am feeling after that encounter.

And that is where is stands for now. Wish me and my two cast mates luck as we endeavor to bring this piece to life.


Susan Abraham said...

All the luck in the world, Ty. And also, your description of the play just draws it much closer to this page. Your summary painted a clear reflective picture to the reader.

Anonymous said...

The play sounds great! You'll do an awesome job like you always do.

Ty Unglebower said...

Thank you both for the encouragement. I am feeling pretty good about it all at this point.