Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Old Twice Over..

This evening I had the second rehearsal for the play I am in/directing. As the title indicates, we went through it twice.

I am very proud to say right off that I was able to finish the rehearsal in less than 90 minutes, as promised.

Despite the short duration of the rehearsal, a lot got accomplished. We had music stands, just as I was hoping we would have, to rest the scripts on. (Recall it's a reading.) The nature of the characters and their interaction began to take greater shape. Several new ideas came about today also, as we worked our way through some of the blocking I had planned for the first time.

My cast mates are great, and we almost always seemed to be thinking along the same lines. I encouraged them from the start to point out something to me if I did not notice it. Several times this was done, much to the betterment of the show. I am glad some of those observations were made, and ideas were added to the presentation.

My own nervousness about this project has abated somewhat. I suppose it is fair to conclude that it will lesson each time we run the show. Still, I would by lying if I said I am not longer stressed at all. However, when I can already see it coming together, I have nothing to complain about. (Although it is sometimes nerve wracking to have an idea or a note come into my head, but be unable to write it down whilst performing. Amazingly, I forget nothing, though.)

The main thing to work out will be the use of props, and the little bit of blocking. Most of the blocking worked today, though we did not have props to work with. I hope to have at least substitute props for our next rehearsal so that every one can get used to holding things as soon as they can.

Our next get together will be this coming Sunday. I plan to run it twice, with, as I said, props, and blocking. After that there will be a long hiatus between rehearsals. So I we will need to make as much progress as possible. But I have every confidence that we will. We are a group that talks things out, and that makes all the difference.

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Susan Abraham said...

This is all so interesting to read, Ty. Good luck for Monday!
By the way, that was a classic poet's depression with me. Comes without warning! So I just have to be aware of the situation and conquer it quickly - not the other way around. It goes away slowly but steadily.