Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Thousand Words

I went into the theatre today, so that the local newspaper could take pictures of various actors from the festival in costume. For various reasons, my cast was not available tonight. So I put on my simple costume and posed for a few myself. There are a brief few moments in the play where I am the only one onstage, so the pictures are true to the show.

I get the slight sense, however, that I may look like a stark raving madman in some, if not all of the shots. I was going for the whole "half drunk,poet struck in the dead of night by the muse" look. I may come off looking like that. Or, based on some of the times the flash went off, I may just as easily come off as Dr. Frankenstein at his over the top, lunatic genius best.

I also talked to the local reporter. Seems she has interviewed me so many times, she remembers my name. She even spelled it correctly. I was so impressed by this, I could have asked her out on the spot.

Tomorrow the cast will be together again for what I hope will be the first run through on the stage itself. I plan to go over the handling of hand props, and the few crosses and entrance/exits the show has. If we run it twice as we usually do, possibly repeating a few complicated prop related moments, I think we will be fine headed into tech week.

One week from tomorrow the New Voice Play Festival will open. What excitement will it bring? Check back often to find out.

1 comment:

Susan Abraham said...

Dr. Frankenstein??
You means perhaps more the 'wild n passionate Dylan Thomas' look, Ty?