Monday, January 14, 2008

Belated Entry

Several things have prevented me from posting this until today. But one of them was NOT a lack of enthusiasm for Saturday's rehearsal.

It was, in fact, a very good rehearsal, if one that early in the process can be very good. We only ran a few scenes, but I think we got alot done during that time. But first, the venue.

As I mentioned previously, we will, on occasion, be able to use the actual venue for practice before the tech week of the show. Saturday was the first time we used it. It was, in fact, the first time I had ever seen this place.

It is a small venue, I would guess about 150 seats or so. It is owned by the town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and is located on the campus of Shepherd University. As per arrangement, the college gets first dibs on the space, but other community organizations can rent it, and that is what the theater company has done.

The actual performance space is smaller than average, but larger than the last venue this company used. Nice wood flooring on the stage. Curtain. Very clean, well maintained place.

Lots of room in the lighting booth. I have not seen a lighting booth with this much space before. If I ever learn how to post pictures here on blogger, I may include some of the space. Until then, trust me, it is a very nice little theatre.

As for the practice itself, obviously being on stage feels best. But aside from that, it was a constructive morning. The scenes we ran will require alot of choreography, as there are several times that the entire cast is on the small stage moving about at the same time. Tricky, but by no means impossible. Saturday was mostly about letting the character get used to the stage, and we were all giving lattitude as to when and where to move I had to be especially on my toes, given that my character is often in the background, observing, and hence is at risk of being blocked from view quite often. A lot of countering going on. Still, I enjoy having my character back there, except when speaking. He is a plotting, observant type that probably belongs in the shadows much of the time anyway.

Until tech week, practices will be held for the whole cast twice a week. Thursdays and Saturdays. I have already started to go over my lines, by reading them into my digital recorder. Quite a challenge to find ways of evoking that many voices distinctly. But I have managed to do so, by and large, and will be listening to my scenes with frequency until Thursday.

Until then...

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Suzan Abrams said...

Hi Ty,

It's very easy to post pictures on the blog.
First of all, when you see a picture you want, click on the right-hand side, press "Save Image" and save it on your computer.

When you write a post and want to put the picture you saved together with the post, on your posting draft, you will see on the right-hand sight, html & compose.

Press html because then it switches to codes with your entry still in it, just that you can see all the codes.

Go to the icons on the top left.

Press on the second-last one. I think it will say, either image or picture.

A box will open up with the word browse on it. Click on the browser , just as if you were attaching something on email.

Once you click on the browser, it will open up to all your saved documents and images. Click on the name of the image you saved earlier.

The file will appear in Browser.
Then choose if you want it small, large or medium. Just press on the required box. You can see it all there. (My pictures are normally medium)
Then choose if you want the picture on the left, right or centre. Once again, click on the appropriate box.
Then press upload.
Once it's completed it will ask you to press (Done).
You will see a whole lot of codes on the first few lines which is actually the picture.
Press on 'Compose' again and you will see the picture with your words.
If you're still not sure, do email me Ty.