Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Rehearsal...

And so it was tonight, that The Lion in Winter began to roar for us for the first time.

To get to the point...I am quite pleased.

With one exception, I know all of the other people in the cast, having worked with them before in various capacities. All of them are very well cast, in my view. Each of them brought exactly what their characters needed to the readings. When you can say this just after the first read through; when you can see scenes and characters coming to that much life already, before a single foot has beenplaced on stage, you know that you have something going.

We have something going, here.

Add in the extra built in comfort with the players and the director, and we are well on our way to something special.

Saturday morning is our next rehearsal, and we temporarily get a chance to practice in the venue in which we will perform the piece. I look forward that, as I do all aspects of this show.

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