Saturday, January 19, 2008


It was a little bit difficult to rehearse today, simply because two cast members were absent. That is not to say we got nothing done, but it is always more of a challenge when people are missing.

Plus, we have many people on a very small stage in this play, and there are a lot of cramped scene problems. They will work out, I am sure, but it is something that we will have to work on.

And I must work on speaking slower. But that is nothing new at all.

The director and the A.D. had an interesting method of blocking the play, however, which they worked on in the interim between rehearsals. The set up plans based on a chess board. Not only is this story of shifting power and jockeying for position very much like chess, there is even a line in the play, by the character Alais, that makes reference to this very attribute. I extend kudos for using that as a springboard.

There has also been a cast change. The actor who had been playing King Philip has been replaced by a whole new person. The original Philip, however, will remain in the cast, from what I gather, as a freelance servant, if you will. Bringing in wine, or helping the king put on a cloak in various scenes. A gopher sort of person. (Of which, there would certainly be many in a medieval castle.) There is no such part provided for in the script itself, but it will certainly add to the piece overall.

A rehearsal that was supposed to take place on Thursday was snowed out. So it had been a week since we rehearsed, and will be nearly a week until we do so again. (Weather permitting.) I do wish we had the option to rehearse more time during the course of the week, but that is when the practice venue is open, and we must work with what we have.

We also got a look at the prop knives and swords that the director bought recently. Very nice props. handsome. There is talk that I will not have one, though the decision is not final yet. I certainly hope I get one, however. It would make an exquisite costume piece if nothing else.

Five weeks until we open. No worries at all from Geoff's end so far.

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