Saturday, February 09, 2008

Comments on The Lion in Winter..Ty Responds...

My deep thanks to both Muzak Box and "Anonymous" for their recent comments here on the blog.

"Anonymous" tells me that he wants played Richard in a production of the play, and marks it as one of his favorite roles of his career thus far. It is certainly an appealing role, and probably would be my second choice behind Geoffrey. So my thanks to him and his sentiments.

As for Muzak Box, she made a point that I had not considered about our play's haphazard tech week. She mentions that having to have tech rehearsal somewhere other than the performance arena can at a certain excitement and spontaneity to opening night which might not otherwise be there. That the very act of opening a show for the first time on a stage you have not practiced on in several days or more makes it seem more alive, somehow. Less, well, rehearsed.

Though in general, I prefer all aspects of a show to be ironed out, I think she may have a point about the blocking and use of the stage. If we keep the basic riles in mind, we should be find. And the inevitable electricity that is palpable in the air of a theatre on open night is bound to be intensified given that the set qwill not be there when we arrive, will have to be put up, and that we all will not be in the accustomed groove of knowing exactly where and how our movements will take place.

I am still somewhat nervous about it, but thanks to Muzak Box, I may have something positive to counteract the negative.

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