Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Full Run-Through for Lion in Winter

I am quite tired, as it was quite a long process. But i did not want to skip days agin, so here is the overview.

To begin with, I neglected to mention the other day that I started with, and decided on the simple ring. The black coloring has worn off, but it is probably just as well. A simple band will be just enough to give me something to do, without being big enough to distract actors or the audience. So I am going with that.

As for tonight...rehearsal was at the director's home. Obviously not an ideal space for a play practice, but it is what we have for now, and we make do damn well. Though I do not envy the director and her family for having all their real furniture shoved to the side in favor of our set, in the middle of their living room. Yet such is the dedication level they have to the show. (Her husband, who plays Henry, directed me in the last show I was in with the same company, back in November.)

In fact, there was an article in a newspaper today about the show, complete with pictures and a link to an online video the news people took. Naturally this was the day I could not make it to practice. But I doubt I would have been in the video anyway, though they might have talked to me for the article. My name is in it, though, and spelled correctly.

I would be happy to provide the link to the video, but for whatever reason, the email containing it never reached me. So if I get it in the future, I will certainly post it.

As for the actual rehearsal, it was our longest one so far, because as the title suggests, we ran the whole show tonight for the first time. So, with line callings, and notes being taken about scene changes and such, (for the techie people that were there tonight), it took just under four hours. Tiring, but I did not mind it that much. We needed to do it eventually. And it being an actual home, I was comfortable enough in the time between my scenes. Plus, "Alais" brought some of her real life birthday cake with her, so I had some of that, and it was good.

Also worked out a far more comfortable "candlestick stunt" with John. Not only does it feel safer, but I think it is slightly more comical. Insomuch as John looks more pathetic, and far less threatening than he did previously. I sort of end up twisting his arm, as he whimpers to the ground, upon attacking me. No sucker punches or anything like that. We have to work it a few more times to get the timing down, but I am satisfied.

As before, I am happy with the progress of the show, despite the rough spots. Others may not be noticing, but I think the rough spots are getting smaller and less frequent. We have trouble spots, of course, but they are becoming more focused. More importantly, entire segments of the play are emerging which we run flawlessly. Which allows for greater depth of performance, and intricate interaction among performers. This is not an easy script to digest in a short amount of time, and given that, the progress we have all made is pleasing to the soul. We do not have a lot of time, but I feel we have enough. I say this because I sense everyone starting to have more fun now. Not that we were void of fun before, but in the last few rehearsals, everyone seems looser, despite the pressure to perfect our jobs. That sort of looseness always leads to a better theatre experience.

We ran some music tonight too. Not with the exact timing of the show of course, but we got the notion of the mood that will be set in the theatre for the show.

It's happening. It really is. We just need to build the energy between rehearsals, and hold onto it for the next one.

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