Friday, February 22, 2008

So Much to Say, Part 2

This entry does not have anything to do with acting per se, but it does have to do with me, and since I own the blog...

I wanted to point out some new links in my link section, over to the left of your screen. I have added a link to the Full Circle Theatre Company, who is producing "The Lion in Winter" that I am in right now.

I have also included a link to my new LIVE internet radio talk show, "Almost Radio, with Ty Unglebower". It normally goes out live on Wednesdays at 11PM, Eastern Standard Time. So if you follow that link at that time, you can hear me live, and call in if you want. The best part is, however, that the show is automatically archived into a streaming feed. So anytime after the live show, if you follow the exact same link, a recording of my most recent show will appear, and play automatically for you to listen to. You cannot beat that. Please stop by and give a listen!

Finally, I added a link to my friend's travel site. Tally is a friend of mine from college, and her site, is part blog, part informative site, part photo display sight. She offers tips on traveling, fun facts, and makes accounts of her travels to various places. Currently she is in Germany. So please swing by her sight...and tell her Ty sent you.

And now, one final entry in this trifecta...

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Anonymous said...

Once again you've provided more great information. Thank you! I'm happy to report that my castmates were not hootin' and hollerin' during the first time my castmate and I kissed during our first rehearsal ever of the scene, nor did they do anything obnoxious in subsequent kisses. They were very supportive. However, one lone voice did say immediately say after the first kiss, "That wasn't very good."
Thanks to your blog, though, my castmate and I plan on silencing such criticisms by taking your advice of practicing and focusing on the moments leading up to the big smooch.