Monday, November 23, 2009

2 Launches in 48 Hours, Part 2

If I wasn't busy enough with the reading of "It's a Wonderful Life", I'm also involved in a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" at the Full Circle Theater Company. The first rehearsal for that will be happening tonight.

Yes, you read correctly. Two nights. Two shows. Two theatres. Two states. Two Christmas classics. And though I am not usually in favor of being in two shows at once, there were some exceptions in this case.

To begin with, given that they were readings, and not all out plays, I figured it would be doable. Especially since anytime I can be a part of telling the story of A Christmas Carol, I seize the chance. I admit, however, that I thought rehearsals for it would start much earlier. But those things could not be controlled.

One thing that makes it somewhat easier at this point is that it was reduced from 6 readings to only two. And those two readings will take place this week. Yes, both rehearsals, and both readings all within one week. I would have liked more time and more performances, but Full Circle works that way sometimes...

At least I will not have to juggle rehearsals for both readings I am in. A Christmas Carol will be over and done with, top to bottom, before "It's a Wonderful Life" even meets up again.

I don't yet know who I will be playing in it. I do know that the same actor who beat me out for the starring role in "It's a Wonderful Life" will also have the starring role, as Scrooge, in this reading. But to be clear, there were no auditions for this one. I expressed interest in it to the director, a friend of mine, months ago, and I was in it. It has gone through many forms, and many other cast members since then, so I don't really know what to expect when I get there tonight. But one things seems certain; I will be reading a lot of parts for this one.

The entire thing is a fundraiser for the theatre. I am not a huge fan of fundraiser activities. But again, it's theatre, and it's Christmas. Plus if I get some food out of the deal in the party leading up to each reading, I can't find fault with that.

More on that this evening, or tomorrow.

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