Thursday, November 05, 2009

Opting Out....

Loyal blog readers...

Tonight was supposed to be the next night of my acting class. But for various reasons, some of which I will expound upon herein, I will not be attending.

The gist of all the reasons is this; I have not had the time to be as prepared as I expect myself to be for this scene.

My schedule has recently changed quite a bit, (now that we are passed the date wherein the class was originally scheduled to conclude.) It has not allowed for a lot of time to study my scene, let alone the entire play. And since Chekov's "Three Sisters" is in fact a very rich, deep, and multi-layered piece, anything less than full submergence into the text before attempting the first scene would be unsatisfactory to my standards. So after consulting with my scene partner, I decided it was best for me to not attend tonight's class.

My partner in fact would have been presenting two scenes tonight at any rate, given that she has not yet finished with her first scene. So perhaps it is a weight off of her own shoulders as well. Either way, I am thinking, indeed planning to try to attend the final class next week, to both glean what I can from the other scenes, and to close things off right. I cannot assure anyone that I can make it, but I have advised the instructor of my intentions.

I could have gone anyway, and half-assed it. but I do nothing half-assed when it comes to acting. Even if it is what people accept and expect. I have a higher standard for myself.

So, for the moment, that is that.

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