Friday, November 13, 2009

"It's a Wonderful Life" Results.

I made it in. But not as the lead. I am actually playing several of the smaller roles. More on that later.

If you read my two previous posts about auditioning for this show, (first night and second night), you know that I surmised I was being considered, along with one other guy, for the lead role of George. I also speculated that it was a zero sum game. George or nothing. Obviously in that regard I was wrong, so it's gratifying to know that I earned some kind of place in a 16 member cast, out of 70 or so who tried out.

Yet for tonight, I admit to some disappointment in not getting a large role. One is not supposed to say that, but at the moment I just want to own that feeling. If for no other reason than to get passed it faster.

The fact is that I hate to lose horse races, which this was. (The director even admitted as much in his phone call to me earlier this evening, so it is no longer speculation.) If it had been an even mix of roles that I read for, I'd feel differently. Or if the horse race were not so clear to start with. But in the theatre world, as well as in many other facets of my life, I tend to lose horse races. Almost every time. The longer I am in contention for something, especially a role, the least likely I am to be successful. Just an unfortunate and mysterious aspect to my endeavors thus far. If this were not so often true I don't think I'd mind getting so close with no cigar. I'll get passed it. But this is my blog of theatre adventures, you are my loyal blog readers, and I had to at least get that out, before moving on to the actual experience of the play.

Now for the guts of the matter.

The only roles I know for sure that I have are the role of George's father, (who is in one scene I believe) and the microscopic role of Welch...a guy in a bar who delivers two lines after punching George in the face. Interesting, those two roles were in fact two of the other roles I actually read for during auditions, all be they briefly. The director actually told me on the phone that I had convinced him I "was" Welch during the reading. I admit, I was sort of thrown into Welch at the last minute that night, and kind of put together something on the fly for him. Obviously, it worked somehow.

The director also mentioned that they were still working out "some other things" that I may be doing, but he wasn't sure yet. The logistics of 65 roles take some time to sort out, after all. But it's possible I would be reading 4 or 5 small roles, depending.

An associate of mine reminded me earlier this evening that it is the small character roles that are the most fun. Sometimes that is certainly true. Hopefully all of the aspects the are unique to this production will conspire to make a memorable experience for me in the ensemble.

The first meeting of the cast has yet to be determined, but probably Tuesday or Thursday of the coming week. I will of course keep you posted, as I embark on yet another of my theatrical adventures. I look forward to seeing who else got into this play. (Though I really didn't know many of the people that tried out.)


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Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just want to reading your blog!

I also am active in the theater area where I am from...and can totally relate to your "horse race" senario! I often get passed over for "lead" roles in favor of smaller quarky character parts...because directors tell me that no one else fits the bill. I have no fear about putting myself out there at auditions...and I guess I find that it sometimes "hurts" me when I am also trying to go for the traditional "leading lady" role.
Anyone else have that problem? :)

Sorry for the long response...but just wanted to say...great job on the blog...and I am really happy to have found it!

Ty Unglebower said...

I am happy to have you. Thanks for the comment, and feel free to leave them as often as you like. And make them as long as you like. =)