Saturday, May 08, 2010


Not much can be said about a cue-to-cue rehearsal, unless a very large problem occurs. Thankfully this was not the case tonight, though the rehearsal did not go without snafus here and there.

A rehearsal such as this is for the sake of the technical crew more than the actors. But we all had to be there because the very point of it all was to give the tech crew an idea of what certain moments will be like during the actual show, which of course will contain actors.

Yet this is not a technically complex play. The majority of lighting cues up either "lights up" or "lights down". Sound cues probably play a bigger part in this play than lighting cues do, but even those are not numerous.

And there are only two scene changes in the entire production, one just after the first scene, and the other just before the last scene. These were run several times without any major problems. One of the divider curtains seems to be misaligned a bit, as it won't close properly. But that doesn't appear to be difficult to fix.

The scene is changed by having what I think was a rather clever feature. Two walls in the main set fold inward to cut the set in half, with the curtain closed in front of them. They also swing out, and latch into place to make instant doorways when the main set is needed. I like that.

Speaking of curtains, the main house curtains are being used between scenes for this show. As in, they will come down between scenes while the actors get into place. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time I have been in a play that did this. In fact, most of the time the plays I have been in don't make use of house curtains at all. Maybe three times total, two of them being musicals. Even then, only right before the start of the acts. A lot of people don't use them anymore. It's kind of fun to be in a company, or at least a show, that makes full use of them for once.

The possible rehearsal for Sunday won't be happening, it seems. That leaves just three rehearsals remains for certain; Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday is a possible rehearsal if it looks like we need the extra work. I don't recall having a tech week with a day off in the middle before. That will feel a bit strange. I'd kind of like that extra day to go over things. But perhaps I won't feel that way at the end of Tuesday night.

It's hard to believe this show is almost up. It really has been one of the fastest for me.

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