Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Final" Rehearsal

In a way, that is. Though we do rehearse tonight, last night was, according to our director, the final time we will be stopping to fix or explain anything. Tonight a colleague or two of some of the cast members will be watching, and thus we will be putting on the show at the pace of opening night.

In theory, anyway.

Some brand new technical elements and responsibilities were added last night, and I would have preferred more time to rehearse those. But I can't worry too much about them. They are what they are. My main focus and concentration remains on my performance. I'd rather screw up placing a chair than screw up in my acting.

On that topic, I did better last night than I did the previous two nights. I didn't repeat the mistake I'd made recently. By no means do I suggest that I am now invincible, but getting past a mistake and doing it right the following day goes a long way in establishing both rhythm and confidence in the moment. I will continue to be extra careful with that section, reviewing it in my head and such, but I have done it correctly more recent than having screwed it up, and that is a net gain.

Wore my costume last night, and will tonight. Seems like all of that worked out fine. Mostly it's just a suit, with a hood added in one of the plays. A hot, wool hood. Taking that off between plays is my only "costume change" as it were, so that is a relief.

Got into the green room and dressing rooms for the first time last night. I'd seen them before, but had never used them. The last time I was in a show with others in this venue, the layout of the building was different, so the green room and dressing rooms were in a different place. Always good to get into the dressing rooms, I think. That's when it starts to feel "real" as it were.

Not the most exciting update this time. Everyone is tired, some nerves are on edge. A good opening night performance tends to negate such feelings, but we have a day and a half before all of that. We must get through tonight first. (Where I will be working with a sound effect for the very first time, which I hope goes better than I am fearing it will.)

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