Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tight Rope

I've always been honest, though discreet here on the blog. Pursuant to that policy, I have to say I am feeling uneasy about rehearsal last night, and where we stand as a whole for opening weekend.

I'm not telling tales out of school, here. The director of the company shares this assessment, according to what he told us at the end of last night's rehearsal.

No doubt there has been much improvement this week over last week. But the clock ticks no matter how good you feel about yourself, and there is still a large amount of work to be done before Friday.

I myself stumbled once or twice, but I was not by any means the only one. Nobody has a target on their back when I say this; collectively we as a group are behind. As productive as the last few rehearsals have been, the final three will have to be twice as productive over again.

It can happen. Once or twice in my life is has happened. But the uncertainty is difficult on me.

By policy, the company doesn't have rehearsals over three hours long. I'd be willing to work longer than that for the final few days, if that policy were suspended, however.

It wasn't all bad. We did get the lights programmed last night. Took some extra time, but that's the nature of lights and tech week in general. There's no fast way to do that. There aren't too many lighting tricks in the scenes I appear in, but in at least one the lighting will add a whole different ambiance that we can all certainly use in our performances.

I am also thinking about wearing my costume early, if I am permitted. As it stands we only have one scheduled rehearsal in costume. I'm used to more than one. Besides, being in costume, (even though it;s just stuff I personally bought at Goodwill) helps one feel more immersed in the show. If it's against company policy, then of course I won't.

So, there is concern. Not surrender, but concern.

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