Monday, February 22, 2016


Yesterday's rehearsal, other than being short one person, was very much like the previous night's. Though that makes for a less than compelling update, it's good news, I suppose. It means that the production is hitting a quasi-stride in some areas.

In fact, certain parts have improved each of the last three evenings. We must all get our remaining lines down. That's the biggest thing.

I can report that I wasn't as caught up in the "highway hypnosis" that I mentioned yesterday. Some rough-ish parts in small places, but I did feel more present yesterday than I did the night before.

Before rehearsal, I got familiar with a prop gun that I carry in one scene. I've been using it for rehearsals for about a week, but I never had the chance to just hold it in my hand, and get used to it. I have no experience with real guns, so I have nothing to go on to inform any micro-decisions I might make on stage, or just to increase my comfort level. It's fake, so there is no true danger, but I nonetheless think it's more convincing if I connect with the prop a bit more-like tempering eggs before dumping them into a hot mixture.

A hand prop can be an extension of the actor, or at least the character. Even if the prop is a simple one, allowing it time to come into your sphere as an actor, and become part of what you are doing instead of just grabbing it right before curtain and going allows nuance to develop. Nuance, properly cultivated, blends into the overall picture you are presenting. Though the audience may not know exactly what the deal is, they will likely notice a smoother, more realistic presentation. So I try to be familiar with hand props when I can.

Tonight is sure to be a true shift; we will have lights and sound for the first time. There isn't a whole lot going on with lights, but there are several prominent sound effects, one of which I must perfectly time my actions. I am preparing myself for spending some time getting that right.

A last minute decision to take pictures for the paper left me without my costume. (It was at home, getting washed.) So I don't appear in any of them, except a broad group shot. We probably could have come up with something, but I didn't press it.

There is still a lot of work to do, and I won't pretend to know for certain if all of it will get done by opening night or not. I will say we are closer than we were a week ago, but a noticeable margin.

Rehearsal this evening at 7:00PM.

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