Friday, November 04, 2005

Eye Spy?

Today I went to various places trying to find a nice cheap set of eye glasses to use as part of my costume for the show. The only place I really found any was at a local drug store. The cheapest pair I could find was about 10 dollars.

That seemed a little pricey to me, yet, the pair I found did look rather natural on me. They may or may not be the kind of glasses you would actually find in 1947, but probably close enough for government work.

And of course, they are not prescription glasses. They are simply the kind that magnifies things a bit. This pair was one of the lowest levels of magnification, yet I would still feel dizzy if I had to walk around in a scene wearing them. I would have to remove the lenses.

I did not actually buy them yet. I am tying to decide if it would be worth it or not. If I bought them and the costume designer did not care for them, I am out ten dollars. (That does not sound too bad, unless you are poor like me.) On the other hand, if they were acceptable, it would be a nice costume piece. I like to have that little something extra when I do a role.

I like playing around with costume pieces and such. There is never much I can do with my hair, since a role rarely requires a different style, and because I do not usually play a character that requires a particular style other than my normal one. I also do not get much of a chance to experiment with different voices and accents. Just one of those things, I guess; I have rarely been in a show that needed an accent. So I like to add different touches with costumes. The eyeglasses thing seems like the perfect thing to me. But ten dollars??

The sooner I get the whole thing settled, the better. I want to start wearing them during rehearsals as soon as I can, to get used to wearing something on my face while performing. (I do not actually wear glasses in real life.) I think I will probably double check with the guy in charge of the whole theatre to see if there is not a box of used eyeglasses floating around somewhere in the prop shop. If so, I will rummage through that. If not, the touch of wearing glasses for at least some of the scenes may be too nice to pass up, even for ten dollars.

Decisions, decision, right?

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