Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Tonight we had rehearsal for act 2, though we did not run through the whole act. We did make it about 2/3 of the way through, however.

I would say that I am pretty much off book now. (Which is just as well, as I am due to be off book by Saturday.)

Actually, I was further along tonight than I thought. At one point I had not thought to bring my script out with me when we ran the scene. Turns out, I had those lines down already anyway. I think that is how it works sometimes; you are ready, you just have to remember that you are ready.

From the costume department, I tried on two suits today before practice. One was darker, but a little small on me. The other was a lighter grey sort of color, and fit me almost perfectly. (The pants are just a tad too long.) It's a smart looking outfit, actually. Vest and everything.

At least it looked like it fit well to me, and it felt comfortable. The costume designer will have to confirm that for me next time I try the suit on. You see, I am not totally aware of what makes a good fit for a suit. I so rarely have had to wear one, (even on stage) that I am not even sure what size suit I am, or what the finer points of how a suit should look are. In my inexperienced opinion, however, the grey suit looked quite good. I look forward to seeing what it looks like with the previously mentioned eyeglasses.

Speaking of costumes, someone from the cast had tried to leave a comment on this blog, about costumes. For whatever reason, it never showed up on here. I am still puzzled by that, and am looking into it. Be that as it may, she told me tonight that the comment referred to how often the purpose of a scene, or the motivation of a character remains vague, until the costume is put on. Just wearing a certain uniform or outfit can bring out things one may not have thought of previously. I feel the same way. (Which is why I wore the glasses for rehearsal tonight, and will continue to do so.)

As for everyone else, it feels like a small cast, even though it is rather large. I think most of the crowd scenes take place in act one, and so alot of the ensemble, (which several of my friends are in) is not present when we run act 2. So the overall feel is of a smaller cast. Wait until next week this time, when everyone has to show up every night. It will be a little less, cozy, as it were. At least I assume so. I base that on the fact that last year, in Scrooge, there was a cast even slightly bigger than this one. You could not walk without stepping on a cast mate. Good times.

My next rehearsal is Saturday afternoon.


Christine Brewer said...

As the previously mentioned costume designer, I am relieved to hear that the suit will work, with a little bit of a hem. So often a costumer's job is made more difficult be actor (and especially actresses!) who don't see eye to eye with the costumer on what a character should look like. Being an actress in the show makes my job a little tougher too. Thanks for making it easier!

Ty Unglebower said...

I live to serve, Christine.