Friday, November 18, 2005

Troop Depletion Report

I promised earlier tonight, (in my very first audio post, hoozah!) that I would write an overview of tonight's rehearsal. As I always deliver on my promises, here it is.

In all honesty, there is not much to report on tonight though, despite the build up to it in the audio post. There were many people missing, and one can only progress so far when a stand in is reading the missing parts. Not that we got nothing done. Indeed, I experimented even more, (and successfully) with the courtroom scenes. It is just difficult to gage how well a scene is progressing when two or more main players in it are not there.

There were actually a decent number of people there for the first hour of practice, since we were going over the song again. After the song, (which in and of itself suffered from diminished personnel), many of the act 1 people went home. Unfortunately, I think there were more act 1 people tonight than there were act 2 people. So overall quality is hard to discern.

However, tomorrow afternoon we are running the whole show in one night for the very first time. The director warned that anyone who is not present for that would be found. (Or did he say hunted down.) So it begins...the rehearsals in full. And with costumes. (Which is another aspect of tomorrow afternoon's rehearsal I am looking forward to, as previously mentioned.)

I wish it were a more profound entry, but that is really all that happened today.

But hey, you got your first audio post today, so I would not complain if I were in your shoes.

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