Monday, November 28, 2005

Mea Culpa

I jumped a few lines today. In my second scene. I was about one minute early. I did not even know I had done it until the scene was over. I attribute my ignorance of my mistake to the seamless cover the other actors put forth once it happened. I did not even get so much as a weird look. Or if I did, it was too quick for me to notice.

I wish my error to be acknowledged for all time. Therefore in my own blog I quote Martin Sheen as Robert E. Lee in the movie Gettysburg;

"Hear me, I pray you! It is entirely my fault!"

Aside from my blunder, I think it was honestly our best rehearsal so far. Lots of energy. Creative line readings. Smoother scene transitions overall. Act one only took about an hour and 15 minutes, they say. It can be shorter still, but that is much shorter than it has yet been. It was quite a pleasure to watch some of those scenes, even though I have seen them a dozen times now. There seemed to be a bit of new life to the show tonight. Well-deserved kudos to everyone.

I went through my costume change for the first time today. Zero problems there. (I love clip on neckties. Absolutely love them.)

I even managed to be louder in the courtroom scenes today. Will the wonders never cease?

Mainly though, people seemed to be having more fun tonight than the last few nights. I cannot speak for them of course, and I may be wrong. However if perception is anything, my great cast mates seemed to be enjoying themselves more today. I hope it is so. I know that I was.

This was the first full dress rehearsal with all costumes. I am thinking that the shot in the arm a show gets once all costumes are in place might explain why things felt so good all the way around tonight.

What ever shall tomorrow bring?


Freeman said...

I performed the Zoo Story in high school and found myself having to pretend not to be sexually excited by Jerry in entirely incorrect places, due to us jumping all over the script.

Embarrassment, thy name is memory.

Ty Unglebower said...

Embarassment indeed. I think you have me beat for level of embarassment, between the two stories.

At least I have not repeated the mistake since then.