Friday, July 07, 2006

Last Practice

So today was the final practice for the New Voice Play Festival. I am pleased to report that it went just as well as it did last night, for my cast. We are ready.

Not to sound like a bore, but there is nothing really specific about tonight to report other than that.

We ran the curtain call for the entire festival, where everyone comes out and takes a company bow. That's the only thing that was new in that regard.

I did, however, notice that the local newspaper's write up about the festival was posted on the bulletin board at the theatre. As I suspected, there is indeed a picture of me looking like a mad man. But in a good way.

Also, I am quoted a great deal in the write up itself. This is every entertaining to me. Not because I have never been quoted in the newspaper before, (I have), but because I thought I said little of interest in the interview.

Attendance is not expected to be very good, sadly. So if any of you that read this blog live near Charles Town, West Virginia, and want to come check us out, we could really use the support. (It's ok, you do not have to introduce yourself to me. You can remain blissfully anonymous. Just come see the show.)

Looks like that is about it. Tomorrow is the real deal, my friends.

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Susan Abraham said...

Hello Ty,
I wish you would send all these articles out to magazines. You being quoted in the way you didn't expect, indicates that you have refreshing opinions to offer and the reporter picked up on that signal.
Congratulations on your pix being in the newsapaper too. Possibly, not so much the mad man but like an actor proper that you are!
Once, once more. Good Luck!