Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tech Week, Continued

My cast and I declared independence from rehearsing today, once it became clear that none of the other plays would be running their shows. So we will pick things up again tomorrow.

We did, however, rehearse last night. It went alright. Due to various other pressures, and a bit of a long day before hand, I was somewhat off my game, performance wise. Nothing terrible. I was just not hitting that stride that I like to hit. I have a day off and then two more chances to rehearse though. I am sure I will regain my focus.

As I told my cast, some of the parts of the play are really looking fantastic. (One of the best segments of the play is one where I am not even on stage. Take that however you like...) Overall I have asked all of us to work on making it a bit lighter, as sometimes we seem to be a half a degree too dramatic at points.

Taken as a whole, however, I am pleased. A few small issues for me to work out, regarding props and costumes. But mostly prop issues are ironed out, and everybody knows where they are going and when.

I also have selected short musical clips for the opening and closing of the show. Classical pieces that in one way or another reflect the atmosphere of the show. Hopefully. I burned those onto a CD and will present it to the sound guy before tomorrow's rehearsal.

We have not yet run the whole festival as one entity. I imagine this will take place either tomorrow or Thursday, so that the timing of the entire evening can be ascertained.

Home stretch time.

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Susan Abraham said...

One can't be in one's element all the time, Ty. Surely, you will regain your focus.
By the way, I thought your innovative idea of classical music clips would add on more sparkle.