Monday, July 17, 2006

Next Chapter?

This evening I was back at the Old Opera House. This time I was auditioning. Again.

The play is Gypsy, by Stephen Sondheim.

I knew, and still know, next to nothing about the show. But my niece was trying out for her very first play, and I thought it would be fun to try out with her.

She did great in all three aspects of her audition. (Singing, dancing, reading.)

As for me, I went through my singing part first. As usual, "Master the House." I think I might have messed up something. I felt like I was not singing the right notes for the middle part. If it was not a note thing, I felt somewhat off anyway. I think I pulled it together in the end though. I hope.

About an hour later, they called me in to read. I did not read with anyone. Just read a small part in a short scene by myself. This may be because, I requested a non-dancing role.

This was not just presumption on my part. The audition notice made particular mention of their being several adults roles that did not require dancing. Seeing as how I barely made it through dancing in "Anything Goes" earlier this year, I figured I would request one of these non-dancing roles. (Though I said I would take any role they thought I would do best in.)

They did not even send me in to dance auditions.

The director did confirm, however, that there were several non-dancing parts. In fact, he said some guys may be doubling up by playing two rolls. This can be a challenge and an adventure in it's own right. (See this previous post of mine.)

Yet I will not know for three weeks or so if I have any part. They had auditions early. Though there will be call backs on Tuesday, so I guess if I am not called back, I do not have a part(s).

So, we will see.


christine said...

Turns out they decided not to do call backs, and are probably going to have a few auditions for people that were out of town but requested an audition, so don't count yourself out yet!

Susan Abraham said...

Fingers crossed, Ty!

Ty Unglebower said...

Thank you, Susan. And I suppose if there are no call backs at all, then I am not out of the running yet. All things revealed in time.

Susan Abraham said...

No Ty, that means you're not out of the running yet. Do keep us informed.
But also, there will be other auditions and star roles. And you'll soon fit into one as nicely as a hand to a glove.